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Alternate History Movie Casting

OK, here's an idea: recast some of your favourite movies. The movies are made in exactly the same way (script/directing, ect) and made in the same year as they were in real life, only substitute the real cast with your own choice actors (who were the right age at the time or sadly no longer with us now).

Here's my choice alternate cast ensemble for key Bond movie, GoldenEye (1995):


James Bond - Liam Neeson

Alec Trevelyan - Peter Firth

Natalya Simonova - Gina Bellman

Xenia Onatopp - Jeri Ryan

Jack Wade - Robert Wagner

M - Helen Mirren

Col./General Ourumov - Rade Sherbedgia

Zukovsky - Nicholas Worth (RIP)

Boris Grishenko - Andy Serkis

Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin - Nick Brimble
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