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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Maxwell Everett wrote: View Post
I enjoy Netflix and use it just as you do, but as a supplement only. Right now (since you bring it up) it's kind of bizarre that Netflix is only letting us watch the first two seasons of the classic Twilight Zone. What happened to Seasons 3-5? You got me!
Yeah, I noticed that a couple nights ago. Even before, they weren't streaming the hour-long episodes. But I've also got Hulu Plus, and they have the entire series. And even if they didn't, I could just order the discs and still watch the whole series.

Let's say it's just a momentary thing and they'll be back... but say I really wanted to watch the episode "To Serve Man" right now. That's incredibly annoying that I can't do that.
It's true that I may not be able to watch exactly what I want exactly when I want. In the case of "To Serve Man" I'd have to order the disc and then wait for it to get shipped. I'd still get to watch it, even though the instant gratification isn't always there for me. I can wait.

But, see, if I own the whole series on Blu-ray, I never have to worry about that happening. With streaming only, you're giving up total control to a company who's more interested in the bottom line and key demographics then any particular viewer's idiosyncratic interests. It's not uncommon for them to shed thousands of titles at a time. Poof! Gone!
That's true, but the way I look at it, for the price of the Blu-ray set I could take one of my kids to a movie, or do something like that that I'd rather do.
BillJ wrote: View Post
If you can find the sampler for cheap, you should pick it up. TNG in HD is great to see.
Oh, I did pick up the sampler. And yes, it is amazing, especially "Farpoint." I think the lighting to the early seasons is much better than that of the later seasons, and as a result I think the first season probably has benefitted the most from the HD treatment. Certainly, "Farpoint" looked fantastic.
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