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Re: Marvel's Star Trek Comics (1980-82)

I was doing a reread of the Marvel Comic Star Trek series and felt like doing some extra reading on it because I'm having so much fun. Ordinarily I wouldn't resurrect such an ancient thread but...

Christopher wrote: View Post
Marv Wolfman wrote, yes, but Dave Cockrum and Klaus Janson illustrated the issue. It was two pages' worth of material, and it included Spock saying that "Dracula was an Earth legend who supposedly survived 500 years until slain by a man named Quincy Harker. There were reports of his return, but they proved to be unfounded!" Since there's no "Quincy Harker" in Stoker's Dracula, I'm assuming that's a Marvel character.
You're right and you're wrong. Quincy [sic] Harker was a character in the Tomb of Dracula series and-as I recall-did kill Dracula in the last issue. So that was a direct reference to the comic series...

However... Quincey Harker was created by Stoker. He was the son of Jonathan and Mina Harker referenced at the end of the novel. He was only an infant so clearly he did not slay Dracula in Stoker's novel.

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