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Re: Post your desk's top (not your desktop)

Not a closet, no. The closet is our marketing director's new office.

I work at a compounding pharmacy. The office area outside our lab doesn't have a lot of space, so we're making do as best we can for another year or two until we move into a new building.

My old desk - which was located inside the lab - had more space; it was a long, curved desk. The pharmacist-owner, though, decided to move data entry and insurance processing out of the lab and into the office area.

I'll take a picture of the overall cubicle area that I'm now working in later this week. We have two other areas that are roughly the same size that are used for sit-down patient consultation.

Since I'm our primary "third party billing specialist," the one shelf that you can see above my desk is all about insurance tasks. The spot on the far right is labeled "Not Started," which is where we put prescriptions that need billed for the first time (i.e., new patients or new insurance card for existing patients). The next spot is "In Process," which is a catch-all for any insurance-related issues we may be having with a given Rx. The second-to-last spot is "Prior Authorization," where any prescriptions that are pending insurance pre-certification are placed. The last spot, on the far-left, is "Patient Call Back," which naturally is where we put prescriptions that are pending patient contact for whatever reason (i.e., wanting to inform a patient of their copay before making the compound).
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