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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

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it's possible they may not even get Karl Urban back which would be a great tragedy, IMO.
Just wondering if it would really be that bad if replaced Urban? May do it just for budgetary reasons. Underwhelmed by this one, but Thirlby made impressive debut and would be interested to see sequel with broader scope.
Personally, I feel Urban is Dredd and his performance in the movie is easily a good portion of the reason why the movie rocked so much.
I really like Urban (seen nearly all his films) and I agree he's terrific Dredd. I was just musing that if choice was between getting a sequel with more scope/SF (rather than generic villains-in-highrise) OR Urban back in lead (due to unavailability, etc), I'd go for former. Of course, both would be cherry on cake . But there's a couple of other actors I'd be just as happy to see take on Dredd if Urban wasn't in. Thirlby I'd be less keen to see replaced as I'd like to see her Anderson developed.
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