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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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There is no debate,
Very funny, just going through the Season 2 thread again. After all, debate is what we are here for, aren't we? Or we might as well call this place "CBS fanclub". To be honest, it annoys me a little that the companys to which the project has been outsourced get so much negative criticism, even if justified, while CBS-Ds work is constantly praised to heaven. Granted, HTV did mess it up, but I believe those guys at that this was at least as much CBS fault than it was HTVs fault, considering the amount of time, money and experience they had to finish their work.

Now CBS-D had enough time to improve their workflow, so I do not regard me as an anal trek fan by asking them to pay attention to correct colors and contrasts. And bad color correction and contrast is not limited to single messed up shots which appear in abundance in season 2, it is something that affects every scene and thus affects the quality of the whole product. Not saying Redemption is bad work by any means, but compared to many minor mistakes that were debated to death in Season 2, the lack of criticism to the crushed blacks (a few guys here actually mentioned them in their comments on Season 4) did surprise me.
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