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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Well, quite. And a fake listing like that would probably create legal issues. But if you're Outpost Skaro, or the excitable chap who pointed Bleeding Cool toward the episode guide "evidence", it's all very suspicious. At this point, virtually any piece of Doctor Who news, no matter how tangential, is going to get swept up into the rumors.
Review copies of 'Terror Of the Zygons' should be available at the end of the month. What happens when it doesn't include the trailer for whatever recovered story there was supposed to be a trailer for on it...
Obviously the review copies are special and have the trailer removed to not spoil the surprise to general public when the general release is made available.

You seriously think someone isn't going to try and suggest just that?
Which isn't a totally stupid thing to suggest, as the preview discs for the TV series often have key scenes missing.
But it is stupid in reality, as it misses the point that the review discs for the DVDs are extra copies of the check discs - they have to run off a couple to make sure it's mastered correctly, and it costs peanuts to run off a few dozen more to send out to reviewers. To produce a special trailer-less one for reviews would mean a separate mastering process, and that would cost proper money. So not gonna happen.
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