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Re: Should the Winter Olympics be moved?

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So you move the Olympics, will that change Russia's laws? No. They are more likely to sue the IOC for lost revenue than having any kind of change in their laws.
And it would still be the right thing to move them.

If you want the luxury of hosting such a great thing as the Olympic Games, then behave.

What's with the fatalistic opinions here? "Uuuh, it won't change anything, so why bother protesting or boycotting?"
You're expecting the IOC to do the right thing, a body that has been mirred in corruption.

The world is filled with this idea that a small group can overcome anything with protesting and while that has happened in the past. The Olympics are in town for what, a month. So they lose the income, but it also isolates the Russian people, thinking "The World Doesn't Get Us" and nothing changes. There's a lot more than a month long sporting event needed to make the change you think will happen. Moving the Olympics is not going to change a damn thing.
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