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Episode #11 Tall Men with Feelings

It's the day after Tricia's death.

Lets do the "Kreacher" (shameless Harry Potter reference) storyline first this time, ok?

Daya's Mom comes into the kitchen to buy "ginger gum" to settle her upset stomach. The skinny white kitchen waif challenges her before she will help, "what's my name?" Of course, the Hispanic lady doesn't know the white lady's name and is rebuffed. (Oh, its "Gina Murphy" in case you are playing a OitNB trivia game)

Enter Mama Red who sidles up to Aleida and apologizes for the PMS in her kitchen help. Red then makes an insightful observation... "Your daughter is pregnant" and backs up her reasoning with enough data that you realize Red should have worked for the KGB not for her husband's grocery/deli.

One thing led to another and soon Red is sitting at a table in the common room with Aleida, Gloria and Daya. Daya can't figure out why they are trying to play scrabble instead of dominoes.... Ay yi yi yi yi.

Gloria feels the same as I do and thankfully cuts to the chase. Daya can't hold out hope that boyfriend Bennett's dream of granting Daya a furlough so she can leave the prison walls for a fake funeral (and some fake sex) will come to pass. Daya has to get Pornstache to have sex with her to throw suspicion on him as the father.

Daya is aghast. She will not betray Bennett.

Mama Red moves in for the kill. If she doesn't do this FOR Bennett, her lover will lose his job AND go to prison as a sex offender while she will most likely be sent down the hill to Max.

I guess this is the prison version of "Sophie's choice".

Daya agrees, how can you stand up to 3 determined women and that logic?

All it takes is a little flirting, a little batting of the eyes and soon Daya is back in Red's kitchen/ready room assuring Red that her date is "on". Red then goes graphic... "I didn't want to say this in front of your mother" about what she must get Pornstache to "do" and not to shower or pee after the act. She is to go directly to the prison nurse and start a rape investigation.

Daya agrees.

Unfortunately, in the final minutes of the episode we see Mendez is a LOT smarter than Bennett during his prison assignations. He has brought a condom... and he's sure to bring it with him when he leaves the closet. The first person Daya runs to is Red in the dining room to tell her of the failure to get the needed evidence.

The vengeful Red will not be deterred and simply tells the devastated Daya she better hope she was good enough that Mendez wants to have sex with her once more.
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