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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I think that was the "intermission", so here comes Part II:

Doesn’t the Grissom design look unorthodox and out of line (and time)?
If we consider the study model excelsior (with nacelles that were used in TNG), then no, it looks like a new (or different) line of ships with a different design from both TOS E and TMP E. That's no different then a sloop would look compared to a steamship from the same era. So it doesn't prove an earlier or later time period.

The purpose of the large pod?
I'm firmly entrenched in the original intention being a sensor pod of some sort. Take it as a scout or a science vessel, a big ass sensor platform dedicated to performing long range or dedicated complicated scanning makes a lot of sense. Though of course we get the damaged pod view in TNG that shows multiple decks, but that can be interpreted away as a pod that had different functions then others.

Is a giant pod on the bottom of something really in need of having people? sensor aboard the Proteus testbed aircraft

Is the pod too big to only contain matter-antimatter and its reaction core?
No- but we have no idea where it was contained one way or the other. I've always liked the MARC being in the nacelles, but TMP and post trek clearly made choices to throw them in the secondary hulls of ships.

Do familiar exterior details indicate late 23rd Century design?
They did until Enterprise came along- LOL. But we've seen the updated TOS Enterprise have great detail when you zoom into the hull, and look much smoother and clean from afar. I guess painting ships was a brief affair in Starfleet.

And if you take my example above, we have a radically different design of an aircraft that is being flown when more conventional designs are being built and flown.

Overall, I guess unless someone of authority prints material that makes something cannon, we will be able to interpret to our hearts are content. But even then, we all go nuts interpreting cannon. And the true definition of cannon is not what is seen on screen, but what is described by people of authority and ownership of material, yet we disregard that all the time here because of conflicting information.

I would personally never have the secondary hull contain more than unmanned elaborate sensor equipment. Just like I'd never actually put the actual MARC in the secondary hull until TNG and would just consider early terms of warp cores being a term for a main unit that is conveying power from the warp nacelles to the main hull for conversion in use for the main ship power systems.
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