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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

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And you know, you just know, they'd assimilate Uhura and make her the Borg Queen.
Oh god, and just as she's about to destroy the Earth, Spock has to stab her with his Adamantium claws...
Nah, the power of their love would save her. Might even get a cheesy instrumental love ballad out of the mix--so long as it's not another cover of "Faith Of The Heart".

As for "No want I!":

- No City On The Edge Of Forever remake
- Ditto "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
- Ditto "Mirror, Mirror"
- No V'ger

Wouldn't mind:

- Doomsday Machine
- Thoilan Web done up in quasi thriller movie style
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