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Re: Is the Stargate movie required viewing before seeing SG-1?

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Well as O'Neill would say. "That's O'Neill with two l's, there is another O'Neil but he has no sense of humour."
Movie O'Neil was depressed and suicidal after his son had accidentally killed himself with O'Neil's own gun. I never expected him to cracking be jokes every minute.
I thought that wisecracking O'Neill very much showed up here and there in the Stargate movie. The character IS in that film, he's just depressed. The events of the film help him move on, and he turns into the TV show character.

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See the Stargate movie because it will just add to your enjoyment of SG-1.
For me, it was the other way round. The show increased my enjoyment of the film.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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