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Re: D'deridex class Warbird vs Galaxy class

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The sense I always got was that the Warbirds' technology were overall inferior to the Federation's, especially with Galaxy class and newer, and the only thing that might give the Romulans the edge is cloaking technology.
I didn't get that impression at all. If anything, TNG attempted to portray their technological level as essentially the same. Unlike all other powers, where the rival was shown to be weaker (this includes Klingons and certainly includes Ferengi and Cardassians).

The Romulans must fear the Federation's strength for some reason though, otherwise they wouldn't demand by treaty that the Federation not be allowed to have a cloaking device.
Well, no one knows what else was in the Treaty of Algeron. It redefined the Neutral Zone and it prevented the Federation from using cloaking devices. Roddenberry said that cloaks were antithetical to the federation, so they might not have seen it as a huge loss. The Romulans don't want the Federation using cloaks because it helps them preserve an advantage. The Romulans can go freely into the Neutral Zone, the Federation generally stays to their side. There's no reason to think the anti-cloaking provision was out of fear rather than just preserving an advantage.

There's not enough evidence one way or the other to say. Tin Man seems to be the episode that considered technical capacity the most. It makes clear that the Enterprise is faster than a Romulan Warbird. On the other hand, Romulan disruptors seemed effective at incapacitating the Enterprise even with shields. Romulan shield capacity wasn't tested (I can't think of an episode where a Galaxy class fired on a Romulan Warbird). Overall, probably not enough to go on. I think it's fair to say they can both destroy each other (hence the whole Balance of Terror, Mutually Assured Destruction themes).

I am not saying it would be an easy win for a Galaxy class at all, just that I get the impression the Romulan Warbirds are overall inferior technologically speaking (not just talking shields and weapons, but all technology) to the Galaxy class ships and newer. But inferior tech doesn't necessarily mean under the right circumstances, a Warbird couldn't defeat a Galaxy class. My reasoning being completely subjective, but if a Galaxy class ship is a multi role, peace keeping ship and a Warbird is all warrior, yet both are comparable in terms of combat, that tells me that over all, the Feds have better technology as it is better equipped for not just warfare, but exploration (better tech and more research labs), has the ability to offer comfortable living space to even the lowliest of its crew, and even by your citation of Tin Man, has better speed. Not being as bulky, it's reasonable to believe that the Galaxy class is more maneuverable than the Warbird, too.

As for the cloak provision of the Treaty, if maintaining their cloak superiority is so important to the Romulans, for me at least, that tells me that they are very reliant on the Cloak to counter Federation ships. Conversely, that tells me that the Federation isn't worried enough about Romulan tech to object to having to give up the rights to cloaking tech. Put another way, unless the Federation was defeated by the Romulans during some war, and the Romulans dictated terms where the Federation had no choice but to abdicate rights to developing cloaking devices, then it seems to me that the Federation is confident enough that their technology is sufficiently superior to handle the Romulans, to not only allow the Romulans cloaks, but to feel they don't need to have cloaks, themselves. For example, during the Klingon Civil War, the Feds demonstrated they have the means to track cloaked ships.
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