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Re: Why so many ship classes? doesn't seem realistic.

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Well, several of the FASA classes (Andor, Loknar and Thufir - missile cruiser, frigate and destroyer respectively) were mentioned as having been primarily designed by Andorian interests and the Loknars even seemed to have a number of crews who were exclusively Andorian. But it's not clear exactly what defined their "Andorian" traits otherwise since their designs are largely consistent with basic UFP principles. One could argue that the Andorians, having a racial inclination towards violence to some degree, found a natural home in Starfleet as military officers and would likely be supportive of designing warships to deal with enemies like the Klingons and the Romulans.
That's pretty cool. I never knew that.

Kind of explains what the non-humans in the UFP get to contribute to ship design. :P
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