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Re: D'deridex class Warbird vs Galaxy class

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I said tech manuals which means it could have been any of them, and I know it wasn't from the TNG tech manual, thank you for stating the obvious.
I was really hoping that you could back up your statement by mentioning which technical manual your numbers come from?
DS9 Tech manual, but since it wasn't writen by members of the show, it probably isn't true.
Written by Rick Sternbach and Doug Drexler. Both people who have actually worked on the various shows.

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Even if the D'deridex is smaller volume wise than the Galaxy, it still doesn't reason that it would be less powerful or would be less efficient in combat. The Galaxy is a "multi-mission explorer" while the D'deridex is pretty much a straight warship from everything I've seen on TV.
We can't say that the D'deridex was a "straight warship" as it was never stated to be only a warship. Anyways, a ship that large would have to have some other purpose, especially since it was the only ship seen other than the science and scout ships.
Unless someone had evidence to the contrary, I think it's safe to assume the D'deridex is a warship. I'm not sure they'd call it a "warbird" just because.

I really don't think they'd send a ship into the Neutral Zone or in support of an invasion that couldn't hold its own in a firefight.
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