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Re: No real match for Enterprise refit/Ent-A in the TOS movies?


I'm not sure I can't take comments like that seriously. What more imaginative space battles were there in the 80s? Did you REALLY see it the first time being struck by how unimaginative the space battles were?[/QUOTE wrote:

Like I said earlier, Return of the Jedi, name me one better from the 80's. WOK was awesome, but it was also different, more 'cat and mouse'
I for one am struck by the tendency of some people on this board to pass judgement on other people's personal reactions and taste.

I thought TWOK's space battles were relatively clever, but even during the movie I was struck by how puny the weapons seemed, but I bought it because the ships were damaged. The battles in the subsequent movies were all pretty bland and by the numbers.
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