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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Whatever. You stated, "Those submarines did not use those torpedoes against pursuers" and I only provided instances when they did.
Then I reiterate: that is NOT why submarines were fitted with aft torpedo tubes, and was not a typical or even effective use for them.

I mean, some ships could (and do) use their 5" deck gun as an alarm clock, but that sure as hell isn't their intended use, right?

They're still phasers and torpedoes in STID, are they not? I suppose VLS (or Broadsides Launching System ) could count as something new but did they use that to replace AbramsTrek Enterprise's other torpedo launchers? Or was this a one-time, story-specific thing?
I don't know if it's a replacement, exactly, but it might be an indicator that the Enterprise now carries TWO types of photon torpedoes and the broadside launchers fire a much longer range model with a heavier warhead and inferior maneuverability. In a modern warship, the neck launcher would have been removed and replaced with the multi-tube system; on a Starfleet ship, they probably just reduced the size of the neck launcher's magazine and moved most of its torpedoes and/or probes to the "weapons bay" where the broadside tubes were located. That means the neck launcher is probably now equipped with a high-velocity antiship torpedo that works best when fired directly at a straight line towards the target (kinda like the old Sea Sparrows) while the broadside tubes carry longer range, fire-and-forget homing types used in planetary bombardment or "sick 'em, boy!" attacks.

Oh- back to the OP's question. The Enterprise and Reliant could be compared to the F-14 and F-18. The F-18 was cheaper to maintain, was more economical and could take on more roles. The Reliant's boxy structure lent itself better to different missions and could have modules bolted on easier than the Enterprise's more specialized design, IMHO. So the Enterprise and her sisters were retired. If we look at a contemporary like the Stargazer/Constellation-class it also appeared to have a massive cargo capacity as well and served to TNG.
And Iran is still flying F-14s to this day.

Aha! So there's our answer to the Wolf-359 question: the Constitution class that got wrecked in the battle was one of the ships that was originally sold to the Romulans back when they were still friends.
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