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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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Of the thousands of names that could have been picked for the study model, the one they picked is the one of those spaceships that predate TOS and had never been featured onscreen. Remarkable!
If ILM just had to use a former Trek reference when naming that model, don't you think they would have been more influenced by the use of the name in "Where No Man Has Gone Before," which was Star Trek's pilot episode and far more popular than "A Taste of Armageddon?"

Honestly? I think they just pulled the name out of their ass because they thought it sounded cool. And anyway, it was just a study model. The idea that this little study was supposed to represent some other ship from a mediocre episode is stretching logic a bit, IMHO.

The low registry NCC-638 (first time onscreen) suggests a conscious decision to show a vessel that was built much earlier than the Enterprise, which of course would apply to either one of the two Valiants.
See my last post for my take on why it was given that number.

This tells me that either Rodis or Carson did their homework or that one or both of them were probably Trekkers that knew what they were doing.
  • The Oberth Class has a unique design element that evolution-wise would place it perfectly between the starships Archon and Horizon and the TOS Enterprise. But to even come up with this design element, would have required knowledge about “A Piece of he Action” and some TOS preproduction intentions that definitely required reading The Making of Star Trek, IMHO (more about that in Part III).
Again, this is a whole lot of supposition on your part. I'm not out-and-out saying you're wrong; I just think it's just highly unlikely.

Okay, Copernicus’ registry is actually NCC-640 but that still supports the notion that the Oberth Class ships featured in the movies belong to the 6th Federation design series.
Again you're implying that ILM consciously knew about Jefferies' registry scheme and were following it to the letter, which yet again I find highly doubtful. But hey, if it works for you, great.

Undoubtedly, Franz Joseph’s Revere and Columbia were the inspiration for the subspace chatter in TMP, but we never saw these onscreen. For me, the first authorities on such issues are the Enterprise designers Matt Jefferies and Andrew Probert. The prefix designates the (TOS) design series (Jefferies) and warp drive nacelles have to work in tandem (Probert), so in my world neither Revere or Columbia can possibly be one-nacelled ships and Columbia simply has to be an Oberth Class (according to Jefferies). Pegasus definitely appears to be Oberth Class in TNG.
Okay, if that's how things work in your world, again, great. And while I have the utmost respect for both Matt Jefferies and Andy Probert and the contributions they gave to Trek, I don't think everything needs to be as cut-and-dried as that. There is absolutely no problem with one-nacelled ships, as has been proven several times on screen already.

Considering Oberth was German and Tsiolkovsky was Russian, I can’t imagine any good American to sit still and not demand that one Oberth Class vessel bears the name of America’s father of rocket science (and especially that these three are too often referred to as the 3 fathers of rocket science).
You do realize that there are other Oberths with names that have nothing to do with science?
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