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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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Starfleet officers are trained to do many things, but they are NOT combat specialists, and they are DEFINITELY NOT ground combat specialists.
Actually, you would think that officers like Tasha Yar and Worf were exactly that, combat specialists, which would include ground operations.
They were the ones with combat TRAINING, but that doesn't necessarily makes them specialists.

It actually mirrors the situation in STXI where Pike looks around the bridge and says "I need crewmen with advanced combat training" and only Sulu raises his hand: not because he completed the Academy's Special Weapons and Tactics course, but because he knows Kendo and he owns a sword. We don't really know whether Sulu got that training as part of Starfleet or studied it on his own (thy kind of imply the latter) but it's a qualification he uniquely brings to the ship on his own.

As far as TOS goes, this sort of goes back to the thing we were discussing about UESPA being a "combined service" that draws personnel from both military and civilian services into a combined exploration fleet.

Certainly a ship's security chief would be trained in directing the ship's security personnel (and others in the ship's company) in ground combat.
That sort of depends, and there are two possibilities for this.

Firs possibility: Depends on if they are command division or operations division. Command division seems to be a generalist track for leadership types who are specialized at problem solving and coordinating groups of people for complicated tasks. Operations division are people who perform specific tasks they are trained to do. Security chief's specialties would therefore by more intrusion detection, conflict resolution, search and rescue, etc.

The other possibility goes as far as the TOS continuity: what branch of service were they originally hired from? A security officer hired from the Rigel VII Police Department might have ideal qualifications for his job that don't neccesarily involve ground combat training. He'd have marksmanship skills and hand-to-hand fighting skills, to be sure, but his main skill set might actually involve his ability to diffuse conflicts and the capacity to remain calm and focused in potentially life threatening situations. OTOH, one could make the case that Tasha Yar was hired as security chief because of her experience as a child soldier in the Turkana-IV civil wars; a couple of years of remedial education would give her the equivalent of a high school diploma, but she's spent her whole life cultivating close quarters combat skills and doesn't know how to do much of anything else. Needless to say, the skill set that is ideal for a security officer in peace time is not necessarily ideal for a rifleman in wartime, and vice versa.
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