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Copycat (1995)

Does anybody remember or is a fan of mid 90s horror thriller, Copycat? I think it's a surprisingly good movie when seeing it on Film 4, but didn't have the same staying power in the popular conscious as Seven (which came out in the same year).

I don't think Copycat is quite as good as Seven nor The Silence of the Lambs, but it certainly comparable to 1986's Manhunter and has that same kind of cold, technological neon lit look to it. I think what lets Copycat down (in comparative terms) was due to the serial killer played by William McNamara.

He wasn't terrible, but he sure wasn't Anthony Hopkins or Kevin Spacey, and maybe five to ten years too young for the role. He was much more menacing when was putting on the act of being a awkward but pleasant nerd, but became a bit laughable in full serial killer mode.

Who made this movie was Sigourney Weaver (playing a paranoid, shut in criminal psychologist specialist) and Holly Hunter as the main protagonist police officer (not hamstrung so much by asshole idiot male colleagues like Clarice Starling is). Also impressive was a young Dermot Mulroney as Hunter's charismatic rookie sidekick.

The movie is very 1990s, but still pretty inventive and horrific for the most part, even if feels rather contrived in places.
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