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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Hi guys. I have been reading here along for already quite a while, but with all this discussion about TNG-R going on here, I felt urged to join So first of all, I could not find any Redemption Thread, so I think I just post here. Since I do not own Season 4 yet (I'm waiting for the Italien version to arrive, it's the cheapest offer available for us Germans), I imported Redemption from the US to get a first glimpse at Season 4 material.

On the whole, I am once again very impressed with the overall quality of the episode and the remastering, in particular the colors and sharpness. BUT: What TrekCore described as occasionally crushed blacks really left quite a negative impression on me. Maybe my equipment is not the best and maybe it is just my subjective perception, but compared to the remastered version of "Yesterday's Enterprise" which was also a rather dark episode, the black and dark colors lacked detail in almost all instances. Especially visible, or should I say not visible, in scenes where uniforms and dark hair basically "melt" into the space background.

While this is nowhere near as bad as the DNR issue in Season 2, this is definitely something I do not wish to see in the seasons to come, and it is a CBS-D issue. Considering how much effort was, rightfully, spent on pointing out the weaknesses of HTVs season 2 work and now also of what Modern Video did for Season 4, even down to the blurriness of a single shot, it is surprising to me how little complaints I read about this black level problem. From TrekCore, I could not expect much criticism in that direction because, considering all the exclusive material in their database, that site could be closed down any minute if CBS wished to do so, but I honestly expected more debate about this here and elsewhere. Am I really just the only person that is bugged by this enough to make this a major complaint? Besides, the blurriness of that enterprise flyby shot early on in this episode was far less distracting for me.
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