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Re: Kirk's Character Arc: Spoiled in Second Movie

Yes, they had worked together for a year when Into Darkness starts. You missed my point. After one year working together they still don't have a friendship or a sense of the other persons thoughts and how they will react to certain things or situations.

Hence the whole problem with the reports and how Kirk didn't even know what Spock had done and the fact that it appears to me that Spock had no clue that Kirk was so close with Pike. If he did he sure was disrespecting even more than I thought with the mind meld.

The whole point of what I wrote was to show that even after a year they don't appear to have gotten to know each other all that much for all the reasons that I listed in my prior post.

I stand by my opinion that it would be a mistake to not utilize Bones more and in a better manner in the next film.
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