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Re: Kirk's Character Arc: Spoiled in Second Movie

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. I don't think Kirk is the marrying kind as well and I don't even think star fleets top officers are the marrying kind. however I do know some of them are...Admiral Marcus surely had a wife.
At some point, maybe now ex? It seems as though Carol spent a fair proportion of her childhood in the UK whereas Marcus accent is US, to my ears.

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However, I would take kirk marrying over his endless womanising.
I'm in the give-us-space-adventure group and don't much care what they do with the characters personal lives so long as it's kept in the background, and a passing fling is easier to write off.

I thought there was suppose to be a deleted scene on carol talking about her parents marriage and why she leaved in England with her Mum.

I agree on the personal life thing as well. there is so much going on in the films. you cant really have the characters personal life addressed much in a fast paced film, this is (to me) also the reason why a pon farr subplot will suck in Trek 3...BIG TIME.

I cant believe people actually want to see that in Trek 3.
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