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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Just kidding. I must have momentarily forgotten your reason for that. You don't like TNG, you don't have a Blu-ray player/HDTV or you don't have the money?
I have a blu-ray player, and I even bought the complete TOS, but in the last few years I've started to question my need to own any movies at all. As much money as I spent on TOS (admittedly a steal compared to the old VHS prices of $12.99 an episode), I can stream it in HD on Netflix anytime I want for $10 a month. I can stream all the Trek series and films all I want, as well as other things I like, like the Twilight Zone in HD. I just can't justify the expense anymore. All my movies have ended up in storage, donated, or, in the case of my TOS sets, at my dad's house. Of course, TNG in HD available yet for streaming, but sure enough, it will be one of these days.

Even aside from that, I'm just not much of a Trek fan anymore. It's still fun to come here, though, and talk about something that was a big part of my past, as well as to see what's going on in Trek today.
Okay, I remember you expressing that before... it's all starting to come back to me now.

The only problem I have with streaming (other than the higher compression and lower fidelity audio), is that things come and go willy-nilly. You know, contracts expire and these streaming companies may eventually decide that something isn't quite popular enough to justify wasting server space and bandwidth on... and it'll just go away. Like forever.

I enjoy Netflix and use it just as you do, but as a supplement only. Right now (since you bring it up) it's kind of bizarre that Netflix is only letting us watch the first two seasons of the classic Twilight Zone. What happened to Seasons 3-5? You got me! Let's say it's just a momentary thing and they'll be back... but say I really wanted to watch the episode "To Serve Man" right now. That's incredibly annoying that I can't do that. But, see, if I own the whole series on Blu-ray, I never have to worry about that happening. With streaming only, you're giving up total control to a company who's more interested in the bottom line and key demographics then any particular viewer's idiosyncratic interests. It's not uncommon for them to shed thousands of titles at a time. Poof! Gone!
Yeah, Netflix AV quality doesn't even come close to cutting it for me, particularly on an elaborate home theatre system - it really isn't so great. Also, I really like owning the films and TV content I really love, especially Star Trek!
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