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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Thanks to the wonders of HD I just noticed that Jonathan Frakes has a bandage around his right index finger in "Sarek" and "Ménage à Troi".
I'm watching Menage now, and just noticed something new. Starting at 4:30, there's an Asian guy sitting behind Lwaxanna and the Ferengi in Ten Forward. He's wearing glasses. About 15 seconds later, after we cut to Deanna and Riker at the bar, then back to Lwaxanna, the glasses are gone.

Did we ever see anyone else wearing glasses in TNG?
Dr. Crusher wore sunglasses on the holodeck in "The Big Goodbye." But I don't recall seeing a Starfleet officer wearing corrective lenses at any point in the series. There was a deleted scene in Insurrection where the librarian was wearing reading glasses:
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