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Re: Cause and Effect - why didn't they...

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1) The loop consists of the E-D fumbling around in the Typhon Expanse, and at some point hitting a zone that sucks in another starship from the past (also within the Expanse but not necessarily in the same spot) and spits it exactly at the E-D; the collision causes an explosion that resets things. In that version, the Bozeman does experience a loop, but it only lasts for a couple of seconds from their point of view, leaving them no chance to even observe that something might be amiss. And the E-D is a "disaster magnet" that tickles Typhon the exact right way to create perfect collisions every time.
I've always just assumed it was this. Not sure why. It just seems like the course of events will always lead back to the collision which resets the loop, & the phenomenon exists in both times, similar to the anomaly in All Good Things... I suppose there'd be more credence to it were there to have been a scene where the crew, knowing their fate, tried some wild ideas to avoid it. So little to go on

It really is a small temporal window they are working in. Late night poker game, sleep, morning briefing, boom. What... maybe 10 hours? the majority of which everyone is asleep

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I would've liked it if they did change course in one of the loops and they still ended up running into the anomaly. Kinda like a fish hook that's already caught you, even if you can move around still before you get reeled in.
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