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Art Asylum/Diamond Select Ships

Recently, I purchased some Diamond Select ships, and was wondering if anyone else here has collected them as well. So far, I have most of the incarnations of the Enterprise:

Enterprise TOS HD
Enterprise TWOK
Enterprise-D All Good Things
Enterprise-E Nemesis version

And just to be a completist, I also bought the Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Iconic vehicle. While not a Diamond select, it is similar size and has lights and sounds.

I still need the NX-01 (which apparently was made back in 2002 by Art Asylum, which was absorbed by Diamond Select) and the Enterprise-C (Which doesn't seem to have been made by either Diamond Select or Art Asylum)to complete my "Enterprise gallery"

I have searched online (IE Diamond Select site, Memory Alpha, etc), but seems Enterprise-C is not available, and NX-01 is available on Amazon or Ebay, but the going price is around $130+.

I was wondering if anyone knew more about Diamond Select, and if they have any plans for re-releases of NX-01, or a release of Enterprise-C? Or, if there are other companies that produce similar sized versions with lights and sounds, like the Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Iconic Vehicle?
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