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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Season Four

I'll be the disliked one this time... Way of the Warrior. This episode is kinda like a piece of cake with 6 inches of frosting. Sure it looks flashy and great but when you bite into it, there's no substance. This episode was like that. It was all over the place, with all it's tangents... hey we have Klingons, hey Worf's here... they're here to fight the changelings, wait they're here to fight the Cardassians, Worf's discommedated again, oh he wants to leave Starfleet, but we have some great action sequences... what was this episode about again?

The Visitor
Starship Down
Our Man Bashir
Paradise Lost
Return to Grace
Rules of Engagement
For the Cause
Broken Link
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