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Re: Kirk's Character Arc: Spoiled in Second Movie

I rather see Kirk settle down for once in his life with a woman
But that won't happen.

Kirk will go from being the rake we saw hem as in the first film to the dedicated, career-minded captain we know from the series. His involvements with women will evolve from the youthful conquests to momentary diversions from his job and responsibility.

Jim Kirk is not the "marrying kind." Some men are just that way. They don't have the time or patience for the day to day responsibilities of a serious relationship, no matter how much they think they want one.

That's why Prime Universe Carol sent him on his way. She knew he wouldn't be around, and that he would resent her if she tried to make him stay.

Kirk and Spock aren't gay. There's nothing in canon to even suggest it. Two men can be close friends without having sex, just as two women can, or even a man and a woman can. I don't know where all that slash stuff comes from.
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