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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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While they weren't as good as the first 3 books, I like all of the main Dune series, including the books by his son.
Am I the only one that thinks Dune Messiah is by far the weakest of Frank Herbert's Dune books? The second book is incredibly stripped down and simplistic in comparison to the first. It's still a good book, but it felt really cookie-cutter compared to the original. Nothing is examined in-depth and the main story is incredibly stream-lined and short. Got some terrific quotes though, and is better than the majority of sci-fi literature out there.

The series is really good, its one of my favorites.
Here I agree. The first book changed my life in quite a profound manner. It opened my mind considerably to the the complex relationships between nature, history, politics, religion, philosophy and technology. I remember the good old days of munching on drugs, going for walks through the English countryside and listening to the first book on audio. A profoundly spiritual experience.

The second best book of the series is God Emperor of Dune, which is also an off-beat masterpiece. The rest of the series is great but not quite as impressive. On the strength of books 1 and 4 alone though, Frank Herbert is second only to Robert Heinlein as the king of my sci-fi bookshelf.
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