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Re: Kirk's Character Arc: Spoiled in Second Movie

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Great thread! I agree, no romance between Carol and Jim, no kids! I am always up for more Kirk-Spock dynamic. To me, they are soul mates and forever bonded to each other (and no, not gay!) So anything they do along those lines would be great with me. I still like the dark Kirk idea. It seems like if they are going out there on their mission, we should see some new galactic baddies that they have to deal with. Kirk going dark and Spock and the gang having to fight the new villains AND figure out how to save Kirk. There we go!

Honestly, I rather see Kirk settle down for once in his life with a woman than have him keep having sex with every girl that smiles at him, that to me will be a real development to his character in terms of his personal life.

Are u sure you don't ship kirk and spock as gay guys? kirk and spock been soul mate should have no impact on what kirk does with women unless of course you secretly wish that the writers would make kirk and spock homosexuals.

I don't see how the kirk and spock dynamic would affect kirk from making good decision when it comes to women. which clearly he cant.

he didn't even remember who Christine Chapel was and that is a women he had sex with. He also couldn't recognise Gallia in the deleted scene of the first film and that was also another woman he had sex with and I am still hating the three way sex scene in STiD...I remember a pastor comparing it to bestiality and who can blame him.

I am not sure of the Kirk and Spock dynamic been front and centre in the movies is a good idea. In a TV series yes. In movies ....NO.

In fact some critics have complained that this was one of the weaker part of the films, Its like very other character took a back sit to Kirk and Spock.

In films with only 2 hours to spare, the crew of the enterprise is what matters most. A lot of people say more Bones , I say more Sulu for me please.

the writers also need to figure out a way for the films to have a leading female character without her overshadowing one of the male leads aka the Uhura replacing Bones argument.

Consider it like this, the crew if the enterprise are the fellowship of the ring. kirk and Spock are Frodo and sam.

Now do you know how much Lord of the rings would have sucked if it focused only on Frodo and sam?

believe me I cant put it in words.
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