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Re: Should manned space flight be abandoned if only the rich benefit?

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I don't believe that all hate can only stem from exploitation of the weak by the strong. I think that it can also come out of deeply held theological and philosophical beliefs. As someone who believes in God, I can safely say that there are plenty of religious folk out there who hate and oppress because they really do believe that it is what their god tells them to do. Look at Westboro Baptist Church, full of white, upper-class attorneys, whom I do not believe have experienced systematic oppression, and yet their religious beliefs lead them to hate and do terrible things. Their interpretations of the Bible are wrong, but still, it is their belief that causes their hate.
You don't have to be oppressed to start hating. The German weren't oppressed by the Jews. German were crippled by a war and - among others - blamed the Jews for it. They started their own little "religion" based on faulty genealogy as a basis to rile up the masses against Jews and all political opponents. Those Westboro guys are no different in principle. They might be white, rich, upper class, but somewhere deep down, they have some grudge against something, and use religion merely as a tool to express it.
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