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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

I like the theory, and I've sometimes considered the possibility that, if we hadn't have seen the TOS Connie in its original glory in later TV appearances, the Oberth's surface texture and features might point to what the TOS Enterprise and other TOS-era ships really would have looked like. I do have a few questions, hopefully to be discussed in Part 2. . .

The hydrodynamic streamline shape of the large pod and the sturdy round caps of the warp nacelles suggest a design that’s rather based on passive than active deflection (i.e. generated shields) of space particles and debris.
Can you elaborate on this?

This looks like a clue what the early 23rd Century “USS Valiant” of the ill-fated Earth mission to Eminiar VII (50 years prior to TOS) could or should have looked like, according to the ILM model makers and/or film producers.
Aside from putting the name "Valiant" on the model (and the low registry number), do we have any sources that suggest ILM was consciously trying to portray an older model?

More revealing is the Klingons’ direct hit on the large bottom pod of the vessel, instantly causing the destruction of the ship and the death of its crew.
Do you believe this points at something unusual in the use of that pod, or is it just an indication that the ship was unshielded?
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