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Re: Kirk's Character Arc: Spoiled in Second Movie

STID will forever make this Kirk different from Kirk Prime. Kirk Prime was 53 (TWOK) before he learned you can't cheat death (aka there are no-win scenarios). Comparatively, Kirk learned this before he was 30 and in a far more intimate way (his own death, not Spock's). We should not expect to hear, "I don't believe in no-win scenarios," coming from Kirk's mouth ever again.

He'll also never give the "I've cheated death. I've tricked my way out of death, and patted myself on the back for my ingenuity. I know nothing," line Kirk Prime gave in TWOK. This Kirk didn't cheat death. That will have to affect his development going forward.

To that end, I hope we see a much more mature and well-rounded Kirk in the next movie.
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