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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Bora, Bora, Bora... concludes

Silly rabbit... no, I did NOT forget how this ep ended.

After all, the thread IS called Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New Black for a reason.

Its night. Red has come into the empty kitchen where we discover she has a locked office. (Her ready room????)

She is very business like, unlocking the "screened" door, relocking it once inside, then turning to the far wall for even more privacy as Mama Red starts to weep.

A tearful Nicky arrives at the door, she whispers a quiet "Red." Mama wipes her tears away before turning to her other foster daughter to let her into her sanctum.

You can say a lot of things about Red... but you can't say she's a coward.

Red: Its my fault. I turned her away.

Or that she's not a good role model.

Nicky: No. This is not on you.

Red: (Looks away) I didn't mean she was out, forever. I just wanted to teach her a lesson. (she tries to control her tears as she looks back at Nicky) I thought she was stronger. (Her voice breaks as she looks away again)
Nicky: She was! She didn't hang herself, she OD'ed. I saw her wobbling around the cafeteria this morning.
Red: (Shrugs) So, she killed herself different way. (The Captain steps up.) I'm the one responsible. (she hangs her head in her hands)

Nicky: No. This isn't on you... its on me. I'm the one who finked to Pornstache about Neptune. (Voice breaks) I'm the reason why drugs are still coming in.
Red: (Mama looks up, aghast) Why?
Nicky: (She finally moves from the doorway and sits down across from Mama) Oh God... I don't know. I was just mad at you for always shitting on me. (she's crying)

Red: I only sent Tricia to detox because I thought they would start an investigation, to put an end to all of this.
Nicky: I didn't know that. (she's shocked at Mama's reason) You were right to not trust me.
Red: (That Russian accented Janeway voice drops a half octave) Nicky... I trust you more than anyone. I always have. I do now more than ever.

Nicky: Now? (complete disbelief) You got shit in your ears or something? I betrayed you. (LOVE Red's face at this moment)
Red: I know.......

(after several beats she leans closer to Nicky, to stare directly in to her eyes.)

And that's why I trust you. Because I know you will do whatever it takes to make things right... for Tricia.

(she starts to weave her magic spell about Nicky)

I was stupid to think that prison would ever look into things. Even if they caught Pornstache stuffing drugs down her throat,

(voice is dripping with disgust)

they'd do anything to avoid a scandal. Its up to US now, Nicky.

Nicky: What are you talking about?
Red: You know what I'm talking about. (Both hands reach up to caress Nicky's face) I'm talking about Mendez. I want that motherfucker. I want that motherfucker taken out!

switch to ORANGE SCREEN as music plays
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