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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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I have the second and third books, and just as soon as I finish 'World War Z' I intend to read them.
After you read them you should also read God Emperor, Heretics and Chapterhouse too. God Emperor was weird when I read it for the first time, I almost gave up, don't make that mistake, it's incredible. Heretics and Chapterhouse are great too and unlike many others I don't mind the ending.
I do intend to read all of Herbert's Dune books eventually, I was merely pointing out that I have the second and third ones on hand Incidentally I also have Chapterhouse: Dune. Picked those three up at a thrift shop actually.

Brian Herbert's sequel to Chapterhouse, a shitty ending that really doesn't feel like it's ending the story Frank Herbert started.
Not surprising. I had a similar experience when attempting to read Eoin Colfer's '...And Another Thing.' The supposed sixth entry in the "Hitchhiker's Trilogy." I got about halfway in before I couldn't make it any farther and put the book down.
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