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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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Using real cities is part of the charm for me. Without an Arrow who cares about a Star City? A viewer can't invest into a show. Without a Batman who cares about Gotham?
I don't agree with that. Gotham City has been built up over the decades into a rich setting all its own, and there are a number of well-established Gotham PD characters with enduring popularity. If any DC-Universe city could stand on its own without its star superhero, it would be Gotham.

It is the weakness of the Canadian cop shows which try to hide the fact they are Canadian so they can sell to American syndication as opposed to a Memphis Beat, The Glades, an In Plain Sight. The little local touches are force multipliers.
Not so much anymore. Flashpoint hid its Toronto setting initially, but in later seasons it was pretty overt about it. And Continuum wholly embraces its Vancouver setting. (Not a cop show, but Primeval: New World was also pretty open about being set in Vancouver.)

I would think that Gotham would have to embrace the supernatural also with others like Kick Ass having followed the example of The Batman. I can see some crime lord calling himself the Riddler or the Penguin being talked about by the detectives, anti-crime SWAT or radio patrol car cops, whichever a Gotham PD focuses on. But in the end without the super powered or just the slightly extra powered Gotham PD is just Rookie Blue.
But very few of Batman's rogues have been superpowered. There are some, like Mr. Freeze and Clayface and Firefly and Mad Hatter, but mostly they're just very flamboyant psychopaths and gangsters with trademark gimmicks. (And really, given modern brain-interface technology, a character like the Mad Hatter isn't even that implausible anymore. That kind of mind control might be within the realm of possibility.)

And again, if it's just another cop show, that's a bad thing for comics fans, but it's likely to be just what the network and advertisers would want -- a safe, established formula that they know will play in Peoria.

Granted, it now sounds like they're not doing this after all -- but I see no reason why they couldn't theoretically do such a show.
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