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Re: Should manned space flight be abandoned if only the rich benefit?

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The movie "Elysium" has gotten me thinking, if spaceflight and colonization only benefits the rich, why should the rest of the 99% support and fund space. The assumption has always been that private companies like SpaceX would make access to space affordable. Even with the most optimistic projection, the average person could only afford sub-orbital flight. Worse, current economic projections shows a decrease in the middle class as wealth disparity widens. Factor in Global Climate Change, peak oil, peak water, terrorism etc. the future doesn't look to bright.

So are you comfortable with the 1% forming a breakaway society while the rest of us die on this rock?
First, you will not die on this rock while others fly away to some sort of utopia.

Eventually, you will die, but everyone dies.

Second, should the rich actually have anything while we others don't have anything?

Climate change. Yeah, it's getting warmer, and a couple of white sand postcard island vanish. Big deal.
Peak oil. So we have to get away from it spending money on technology we already have but not willing to invest in because we are too lazy right now. Big deal.
Peak water. Yeah, that's indeed a thing. The rich will have it, the poor won't have it.
But not to burst your bubble: you are part of the rich. You posting on the internet on a Star Trek BBS makes you part of the rich that won't have any water problems by default.

Terrorism. Terrorism is caused by the rich exploiting the poor, or the powerful exploiting the weak.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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