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Re: Early TOS novels

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Prime Directive makes an hilarious reference to the pre-Arnold-era Black Fire.
What's the reference? If that's so, then BF would tie into the '80s continuity and should be added to the list in that thread.

I'm currently reading the TMP novelization, and am gussing that, being penned by GR himself, it was immune to the ban on references.
Except that GR himself didn't hesitate to contradict it when making TNG. He was never particularly attached to his old ideas.

The entire Lost Years saga ties into it, using some of GR's original characters like Lori Ciana.
Except that the original The Lost Years came along before the continuity crackdown; remember, it continued the arcs of supporting characters Dillard had created in her earlier books such as Ingrit Tomson and Lisa Nguyen. And the later TLY books were kind of a borderline case, because the continuity crackdown happened between the first two books. The second one was delayed and drastically rewritten by an uncredited writer to suit Arnold's demands, and the planned third book was cancelled outright -- then the project was resurrected years later under a different editor, after Arnold had been fired and his restrictions were no longer being enforced. Probably the only reason A Flag Full of Stars got published at all was because it was too far along to cancel once Arnold began cracking down in earnest.

More recently, Christopher's post-TMP novels have used stuff from GR's TMP novelization, albeit differently to how TLY did.
Which suggests nothing about any continuity restrictions, since those were a thing of the past by the time I came along.
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