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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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Dune is one of my absolute most favourite novels, and certainly the book I've read the most. I recommend reading the sequels, although Dune Messiah is pretty underwhelming. God Emperor of Dune is hated but I thought it was terrific.
I have the second and third books, and just as soon as I finish 'World War Z' I intend to read them.

The David Lynch movie is solid dumb fun, even though it doesn't really do the story justice or explore the concept of a messiah being deconstructed. Which is y'know, probably the biggest theme of the entire novel.
I enjoyed the movie for what it was. I didn't even mention the "Lynchian" additions in the movie, but I didn't quite mind them too much. Except for the way they turned the "Weirding Way" into a laser gun. That seemed like a desperate attempt to bring in the Star Wars crowd.
God i hated that part.

The book easily explained the power of the Fremen in a simple scene when Thufir Hawat talks with Baron Harkonnen about them.
Fremen grow up in one of the harshest environment known to mankind where they have to fight for their life each day and they manage to thrive in that environment. That's it.. simple but a really powerful explanation.

That sonic gun, as cool as it may have been, doesn't compare to the book at all and with a little imagination and some good writing you could show that. Of course that may not be as flashy as the sonic gun which is the most likely reason it was included in the movie to explain why Fremen are so strong.
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