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Re: Time Warner pulls CBS station signals, L.A., NYC

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From the News release I got, Time Warner will be giving customers prorated rebates for the time that the premium channels like Showetime, for the time they are off the air.
I should hope so, since I'm still paying for the damn thing. This really chaps my ass since two of must watch shows come on Showtime, and now I'm going to have to wait for the fucking Blu-Rays NEXT YEAR to watch them

Time Warner sucks ass and has shitty customer service. When we got the box and Showtime, we were told AMC was coming to Time Warner shortly. Well, three years later, still no AMC, and they even aired a Time Warner/AMC/Walking Dead ad during the goddamn Superbowl. I called and raised holy hell over that.
I love TW and have had awesome customer service every time I've contacted them.. Not to mention their service has been damn reliable for many many years for me.
Same here. Problems fixed quickly. Friendly representatives. I wont move from them, unless that changes. Having worked customer service I know what kind of A-holes people can be. People say things to you they would never say in public. So I know it's hard to be polite and cheerful and to make that one customer feel like he's the only one we have. They've done it without fail.
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