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Re: Cosmos - With Neil deGrasse Tyson

I have never seen the original Cosmos but have always wanted to see it. I have to say that this new trailer does absolutely nothing for me. I have no idea who this Neil deGrasse Tyson is or why he spends all of his time in this trailer with his arms outstretched infront of windmachines.

Having spent years watching documentaries on the BBC and the Discovery channel, I also have didficulties watching these kinds of shows when they are not narrated by someone with a British or a Sottish accent.

I think Brian Cox's Wonders of... Series is the closest to a modern day Cosmos. It's a brilliant show with high quality visuals and, more importantly, Cox doesn't talk down to the audience and has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for astrophysics that's infectious. Also, he doesn't fly around in a interstellar probe as Mr deGrasse Tyson seems to be doing in that trailer.
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