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Re: News about early 2014 schedule

Just putting my 2 cents worth in.

I love the TOS stories set in the 5YM. The more the better. And I am using my hard earned dollars to pay for them. Its just hard to get them where I live.

Decades I use to buy all the books as they came out in my country. There were some great books and also some duds way back in the 70s. But they were few and far between.
I check out every 2nd hand bookshops to get the old pocket books and current bookshops to get the latest releases.

The few post-5YM books I have read have been real duds. I apologise respectively if any of the authors here wrote them.
I'm not talking the quality of the writing. Just the stories and characterisations. There was one I remember where Spock was acting in the theatre. Spock and Kirk were barely aquaintences That put me off post-5YM for life.

If they write more 5YM stories I'll probably buy them if I can.
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