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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Bora, Bora, Bora was also an opportunity to truly see in action, a woman we've only heard about for the last 10 episodes.

Alex Vause, master planner/manipulator extraordinaire.

A waif named Pennsatucky managed to get Chapman thrown in jail on Thanksgiving, something that Alex took exception to in a very unusual way "last week" by French kissing Pennsatucky in the cafeteria for all to see.

But the Appalachian meth head didn't stop there, the person who had locked Alex in a dryer has since broken Alex's glasses and stolen her mattress. For THOSE crimes she's going down.

Alex: You have to remember, I have a different way of dealing with things.

Tiffany = Pennsatucky = Doggett has taken to faith healing in the common room, and Piper can't believe it. She tries to heckle from the sidelines but Alex, strangely enough, tells her "Piper, chill." While the show goes on, a shill planted by Alex challenges the healer to heal HER knee. Doggett tries to refuse, but is seduced into trying and HALLELUJAH Watson's knee was healed! As Watson dances out of the room, she smiles broadly at Alex and Piper realizes a Sting is in the works... and can't wait for part two.

Part two is called Big Boo, who stops Doggett in the cafeteria and asks to be cleansed of her naughty thoughts filled with "Lesbian content". Again Doggett tries to refuse, but is convinced by Big Boo's sincerity and tells her to kneel before her...WITH her dog. Its hilarious when once again, Doggett succeeds, but this time the healed is having second thoughts and wants to be turned into a lesbian once more!

As the faith healing services get bigger and more boisterous, Piper has second thoughts and walks away from Alex to find a bathroom. We've already discussed above what happened in that bathroom... but not what happened afterwards. Piper left the crowd hiding around the corner and ran into Doggett. She told the power hungry zealot that someone was in the bathroom in need of assistance.

"Constipation?" asked the toothless wonder.

Piper: No, this girl needs a miracle.

The Scared Straight crew are finally leaving the hallway near the bathroom as Doggett goes in. Somehow they've all forgotten Dina and her wheelchair are still inside. Dina's screaming to get the crazy lady off her alerts the Officers and CO Bennett rushes in to save Dina and maces Doggett.

Doggett: (Clutching her eyes with one hand and thrusting the other into the air cries out) LORD they're BLINDING me. I AM your martyr!

As Bell alerts her fellow Officers that they "have a situation" and the kiddie tour is being canceled... she is alerted by young Officer Fischer to avoid B corridor... a second "situation" has been found hanging in the utility closet.
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