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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Bora, Bora, Bora is one of the eps that feels like, after months of set up, its finally paying off.

We knew that Pornstache was the prison drug runner, and now so does Red and Morello. Yes, the "West Side Story" fanatic can put two and two together and get four. Mendez's finally getting his stash safely into the prison again, but one of his customers is balking at the renewed supply. Unwittingly Mendez hit upon the right words to get Tricia to agree to sell his cargo... "You owe me. Sell this and we're even."

Tricia is nothing if not honest when it comes to paying off her debts.

We see "post SHU-Piper" come up against the "wall of silence" that has enshrouded the cuckold AKA her fiancé as he hides in the woods behind Piper's brother. Creative Cal is at least embarrassed to be the blind for the fiancé as he chastises Larry to call Piper and (gasp) communicate. Strange to think that this... man plans to go on a nationwide radio program in a few days to discuss his relationship with a woman he's refused to discuss ANYTHING with for over a week.

Like I said, Piper's brother is more embarrassed than Larry is at the situation as he responds to Larry's churlish question, "Did you ask her why she was sent to the SHU?" with the only answer, "No. That's none of my business."

The tete e tete with Tricia by the phones was heart rending. Piper couldn't get her fiancée to accept her calls because he was "busy" preparing to talk with Maury Kind on NPR... and Tricia couldn't get Mercy to accept her calls because...? Well, we never find out why and, like Tricia, we can only guess at the reason.

It was interesting to see the juxtaposition of the scene where Tricia is telling Piper... We all make bad choices. Its just some of us got different bad choices to make... with the scene of Piper's best friend getting dressed for her wedding. Piper can't imagine a "forever" with anyone and Polly scoffs because of the partners Piper picks.

Piper: The kind of girls that I date?
Polly: HOT girls who make you CRAZY!
Piper: I like hot girls, and I like hot boys. I like hot people. What can I say, I'm shallow.

Polly actually does a good job at reorienting Piper to the beauty of discovering a mature relationship, one that she can count on to do more than just drive you crazy... although I'm not sure where on the Kinsey scale "knowing when to order Chinese" falls.

I loved how Morello welcomed Tricia back from detox with a big hug, but I wondered why "big sister" Nicky didn't do the same. Tricia certainly didn't wonder on that score. She was sure Red had warned Nicky away from her and still asked Nicky to reassure Red that the drug addict would make good on her debt to the Russian.

Little did Tricia understand that Nicky stayed away because of her guilt over forcing Tricia to turn herself in for drug use. Later, when Nicky recognized the signs of active intoxication in Tricia, she stayed away because of her complicity with Mendez over smuggling drugs back into the prison.

In an episode littered with bad choices, it was nice to have a seemingly good one appear in the form of a friend not seen in 10 years.

Baptiste has arrived and is waiting for Miss Claudette in the visitation room.

Their hug was EPIC.
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