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Re: Alternate history tv shows

The New Trek film was awesome, but I'm starting to worry they're oversaturating the market. Right after Enterprise ended in 2008, they immediately launched the 25th century series where they make contact with other galaxies and have to deal with races that aren't humanoid and are completely unlike them. Star Trek: Titan was still on the air! So Star Trek: Titan ends, they immediately announce that new series where Worf was captain AND announce a new throwback film. At this rate people are going to get tired of Trek. If they immediately launched a fourth Star Trek series after TNG ended people would have gotten tired of it ages ago.

And I would have honestly rather seen another DS9 film to conclude the 'Sisko Reborn' arc.

I hear the Borg are going to factor into the new series. We haven't heard from them since TNG, I can't WAIT to see more of them.
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