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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Wingsley - yes, thanks for the reference.

My thinking for the weapons arrangement for this project is to have the phaser emitter placements resemble the TMP Enterprise's:

Forward phasers = 2 emitters forward dorsal saucer + 2 emitters forward ventral saucer
Port phasers = 2 emitters port dorsal saucer + 2 emitters port ventral saucer
Starboard phasers = 2 emitters starboard dorsal saucer + 2 emitters starboard ventral saucer
Midship phasers = 4 emitters ventral engineering hull
Aft phasers = 2 emitters above engineering shuttlebay

Midship weapons could've included both the ventral phasers and aft phasers, IMO.

Photon torpedoes = 6 tubes forward ventral saucer.

I currently discount the possibility of aft tubes because they would've been used in "The Changeling".

It's possible that these weapons could have referred to phasers and torpedoes but the dialogue seems to suggest "weapons" to equate to "phaser weapons"-only.
STILES: Energise. Acknowledge.
ANGELA: Phaser control acknowledging. All weapons energising to full.
ROBERT: Happy wedding day, almost.
ANGELA: You won't get off my hook this easily. I'm going to marry you, Mister, battle or phaser weapons notwithstanding.
ROBERT: Well, meanwhile, temporarily at least, I am still your superior officer. So get with it, Mister.
TEC 1: Port weapons show ready.
TEC 2: Starboard and midship weapons show ready.
ANGELA: Acknowledge. All weapons batteries ready.
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