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Re: Alternate history tv shows

This was never an actual TV series but it was one I created a few years ago when I was in a fantasy network programming game where we had to create a series and write episodes and ratings were determined by voters. I posted a few synopsis here for voters and was encouraged to on the board to make a real pitch to a network or at least turn it into a graphic novel.
I did wind up writing the graphic novel and if I ever get motivated again I will resume pitching it to a graphic novel publisher.

In short DIVERGENT POINT dealt with the idea of what if the history we live is actually THE ALTERNATE HISTORY...that a time travel experiment gone horribly wrong resulted in the crazy messy world we live in where the US actually used Atomic Bombs in WW2-MLK gets gunned down in '68 instead of becoming president in 1976...that sort of thing. And how can it be made right again.

I still have a few copies up on Wordpress if anyone who digs alternate history wants to read more about it, see some of the pages or even pick one up it can be found below.

Sawyer on LOST-The Long Con

"Looks like the good folks of Island Town are roundin' up a possy and I bet Jack leads the charge in a big white hat."
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