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Re: Early TOS novels

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1. When did the Richard Arnold "era" actually begin. What were the earliest TOS novels that showed his influence?
I'd say it began in earnest around 1990. That was the year we got the first disclaimers on the copyright pages of books like Metamorphosis and Prime Directive ("solely the author's interpretation... vary in some respects from the universe as created by Gene Roddenberry"). It was also when we got Doctor's Orders, sort of a Diane Duane "lite" book without her alien crew characters.

I seem to remember that he was in place as early as Vulcan's Glory. Is that true and if so were there earlier novels that he influenced?
I don't remember what influence he might've had over VG, which was an '89 book.

When it comes to the comics this is easier to answer because DC cancelled its TOS series and relaunched it under Richard Arnold's "rules".
Hmm, yeah, Vol. 1 ended in '88 and Vol. 2 began in '89. Granted, novels take longer to publish, but I doubt the discrepancy would be more than a few months.

2. Of the early novels from before Richard Arnold's "era", which have had a major influence on TOS novels later? I know that the Rihannsu novels not only influenced the Vulcan's series but were also updated to try to fit in to the commonly accepted timeline.
Well, not entirely. There were some slight tweaks made to fit modern chronological understandings, and the later novels worked in some ideas from TNG, but those later books were published with the understanding that they represented an older, alternative take on the continuity.

Also, Pandora Principle influences Unspoken Truths.
I think it'd be more accurate to say that both of them, and every other work exploring Saavik's backstory, drew on Vonda McIntyre's movie novelizations. UT does draw on a couple of elements that TPP added to that backstory, but also differs from it in some aspects.

Are there any other examples of later TOS novels being majorly influenced by these early pre- Richard Arnold novels?(excluding cameos or minor nods or references)
If you mean actual sequels or revived characters, I don't think so. The problem there isn't just Arnold; it's that 18 years of new screen Trek from TNG through ENT have rewritten the universe so massively that few of the older books really fit anymore. Mainly it is just Easter-egg nods or bits of worldbuilding. Various books have revived elements of Ford's Klingons or Duane's Romulans in terms of language or culture -- and the Typhon Pact's Kinshaya are based on a throwaway reference in The Final Reflection. One of the Vanguard novels has Dr. M'Benga mentioning the events of The Vulcan Academy Murders and The IDIC Epidemic in a letter. And I've drawn on elements of the Alan Dean Foster TAS novelizations in Forgotten History.
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