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Re: CARS spinoff "PLANES" in theaters on 8/9/2013

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I realize that opinions are going to vary wildly, but with most of the reviews I've seen complaining about it being unoriginal (uninspired) and formulaic, I have to question why that's such a bad thing for this film in particular when the same criticism could to some degree be leveled against nearly every other movie ever released.
You gotta read between the lines. Movie critics hate to call a movie "boring", because their job is to write an interesting review, and it's very difficult to make the opinion that something is boring interesting. Also, critics are loathe to admit to being bored, because they think they're too smart and cultured to suffer that state.

So you can bet that, if the main theme of a review is that the given movie was "uninspired" and "formulaic", the critic was bored out of his/her damn mind.

... Which was almost certainly the case here.
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